Jalen Hurts on Quez Watkins: “He’s not a secret anymore. That’s unfortunate.”

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Quez Watkins had one catch in Thursday night’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, quarterback Jalen Hurts is worried that one catch may have let the cat out of the bag to the rest of the NFL.

“One thing I was thinking about walking up here (to the press conference), he’s not a secret anymore,” Hurts said of Watkins in a press conference after the game.

Watkins caught a screen pass from Joe Flacco and raced 79 yards through the Steelers secondary for the lone touchdown of the night for Philadelphia. He could have had a second long touchdown as well earlier in the night had Hurts not overthrown him on a go while the Eagles were backed up on the 2-yard line.

“That’s not the first time I’ve seen him take one of those screens. He’s like 2-for-2 on those screens in his career,” Hurts said.

Last season, Watkins’ first career touchdown came on a screen as well. On a third-and-20 against the Arizona Cardinals, Watkins took a screen pass from Hurts for a 32-yard touchdown.

“I think he’s a great player. He knows what I think of him. He’ll be a really good player for us,” Hurts said.