Diver finds swimmer’s lost prosthetic leg in British lake

A British woman who lost her prosthetic leg while swimming in a lake was reunited with her lost limb when a volunteer diver answered a plea for help on social media.

Josephine Bridges, of Birmingham, England, said she was swimming in Windermere and lost her leg at some point after jumping off the Millerground jetty.

Bridges’ sister, Emily, posted a plea for help on social media, and the Facebook post came to the attention of Angus Hosking, founder of Lake District Diving.

Hosking met Bridges and her family at the lake and set about searching the bottom of the lake.

“After getting changed and getting into the water I dove down and search along the left-hand side and worked my way to the end of the jetty. The visibility under the water was pretty terrible, so I was nearly on top of it when I finally saw it. I just saw a Birkenstock on the foot of it,” Hosking told LancsLive.

Hosking said he often responds to calls for help retrieving objects lost in the water. He said he was happy this story had a happy ending.

“I am extremely happy to have helped them with such an important piece of equipment and was so pleased to make them happy,” he said.